Empire Indiana Michigan Chicago Wisconsin Mid Atlantic Ohio Valley New York New Jersey Pittsburgh North Ohio Mid America Northwest New England New Southern Gulf Coast Rocky Mountain West Coast Pacific Northwest

Chicago Chapter

Northeast Illinois to the Wisconsin line east to the Indiana line south to state route 36. The Illinois western line starts at Springfield, I-155 north to I-74 to I-80, continuing north on Iowa State Rt.61 from Davenport to Dubuque.

Mr. Zachary PinkertChapter PresidentScrap Metal Services
Mr. Kyle WitterTreasurerPure Metal
Mr. Jason GertlerSecretaryScrap Metal Services
Mr. Nicholas KaltenbrunPast PresidentELG Metals
Ms. Debbie HaysLegislative ChairSims Metal Management-Paulina
Ms. Dea MerendaPrograms/Meetings ChairAllied Metal
Ms. Michelle SullivanMembership ChairTube City IMS

Empire Chapter

The entire state of New York except for New York City, Rockland County, Putnam County, Westchester County, and Long Island. The provinces of Quebec and Ontario, Canada, except for the section of Ontario from London west.

Mr. Anthony DawsonChapter PresidentELot Electronics Recycling
Mr. Aaron Weiner1st Vice PresidentBen Weitsman & Son of Rochester
Mr. Russell CirinoTreasurerTwin Village Recycling
Mr. Robert B. PickerSecretarySims Metal Management-Hudson River Recycling-Port Albany
Mr. David BestwickChapter Board MemberDominion Nickel Alloys
Mr. Wayne Hymers, Jr.Chapter Board MemberOtsego Auto Crushers
Mr. Peter A. LinderPast PresidentSunnking
Mr. Marty MarkusChapter Board MemberEdward Arnold Scrap
Mr. Eric RochelsonChapter Board MemberEmpire Recycling
Mr. Adam WeitsmanChapter Board MemberUpstate Shredding
Mr. Mike WhyteChapter Board MemberRegional Computer Recycling & Recovery dba RCR&
Mr. Edward Arnold, Jr.Legislative ChairEdward Arnold Scrap
Mr. Adam E. ShineMembership ChairManitoba

Gulf Coast Chapter

Chapter Website:

The entire states of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Western Kansas from State Rt. 14, and all of Mexico excluding Baja.

Ms. Veronica CostanzaChapter PresidentAll Scrap Metals
Mr. Mel Wright1st Vice PresidentWright's Scrap Metals
Mr. Charles Johnson2nd Vice PresidentM Lipsitz & Co
Mr. William LongDirector At LargeSquarePeg Industries
Mr. Alton SchaubhutDirector At LargeCMC Recycling
Mr. Scot SteinDirector At LargeKinshofer North
Mr. Cade ThorntonDirector At LargeW Silver Recycling
Ms. Haley GlickSecretary TreasurerTri-State Iron & Metal
Mr. Emanuel BodnerPast PresidentBodner Metal & Iron
Mr. Gene Day, IIPast PresidentHobbs Iron &
Mr. Arnold GachmanPast PresidentGachman Metals &
Mr. Howard C. GlickPast PresidentTri-State Iron & Metal
Mr. Warner KeyPast PresidentHobbs Iron &
Mr. Melvin LipsitzPast PresidentM Lipsitz & Co
Mr. Darrell E. Roberts, IIPast PresidentM Lipsitz & Co
Mr. Mike RonnelPast PresidentMetal Recycling
Mr. Sam SegalPast PresidentJL Proler Iron & Steel
Ms. Deborah VasquezMembership ChairJarvis Metals Recycling

Indiana Chapter

Chapter Website:

The entire state of Indiana.

Mr. Benjamin J. GebhartChapter PresidentMetal Source
Mr. Michael Parsons1st Vice PresidentBedford Recycling
Ms. Christine GneidingTreasurerIntra American Metals Inc (Intrametco)
Mr. Neil SamahonSecretaryMetro Recycling Inc/Metro Auto Recyclers
Mr. Cory CollinsChapter Board MemberMacAllister
Mr. Rick GrinsfelderPast PresidentOmniSource Corp-NF
Mr. Jason W. GrubeChapter Board MemberRochester Iron & Metal
Mr. Chris RasmussenChapter Board MemberNewco Metals
Mr. Sam TrockmanChapter Board MemberJ Trockman &
Mr. Sherman L. WinskiChapter Board MemberWinski Brothers

Michigan Chapter

The entire state of Michigan. The southwest section of Ontario, Canada, from London, Ontario, west.

Mr. Dave DobronosChapter PresidentFerrous Processing & Trading
Mr. Brendan Bolhuis1st Vice PresidentBeacon
Mr. Jeff CroweSecretary TreasurerSchupan & Sons
Mr. Michael D. BassChapter Board MemberFriedland Industries
Mr. Greg BrownPast
Mr. Dennis CebulaChapter Board MemberSchupan Industrial Recycling
Mr. William ElsonChapter Board MemberFritz Enterprises
Mr. Matthew HeitmeierChapter Board
Mr. Tony LevinChapter Board MemberSLC Recycling Industries-Div of Ferrous Processing & Trading
Mr. Jim NeidertChapter Board MemberWinston Bros Iron & Metal Co
Mr. David S. RifkinChapter Board MemberRifkin Scrap Iron & Metal
Mr. Shay SchupanChapter Board MemberSchupan & Sons
Mr. Jay SherwoodPast PresidentSchupan & Sons
Mr. Mike SwopeChapter Board MemberAIS Construction Equip
Mr. Roger SimonLegislative ChairTri-State Iron & Metal Co 

Mid-America Chapter

Chapter Website: and

The entire state of Missouri, the eastern half of Kansas with State Rt. 14 as the dividing line. The southwestern half of Illinois with I-74, I-155, and State Rt. 36 comprising the dividing line, along with the state line below SR 36.

Mr. Dan BeckerChapter PresidentBecker Iron & Metal
Mr. Jonathan FisherChairmanWimco Metals
Ms. Kristy Hammond1st Vice PresidentKataman Metals
Mr. Marty BuchmanDirector At LargeOmniSource Corp Ferrous-Brokerage Div-Atlanta Office 
Mr. Michael FedericiDirector At LargeMilano Metals &
Mr. Nicholas HayesDirector At LargeMidwest Scrap Management
Mr. Mark PaganoDirector At LargeMetalsco
Mr. Todd PeckhamDirector At LargeMighty River Recycling
Mr. Todd PeckhamDirector At LargeMighty River Recycling
Mr. Daniel ProphaterDirector At LargeAdvantage Metals Recycling
Mr. John Paul SantangeloDirector At LargeMetal Exchange
Mr. Michael SophieDirector At LargeSouthern Metal
Mr. Brady B. BirdTreasurerSIC Recycling
Mr. Tom ElliottSecretaryAlter Trading
Mr. Mike BeckerPast PresidentBecker Iron & Metal
Mr. Bret H. RobinsonPast PresidentAlter Trading
Mr. Frank Sophie, Sr.Past PresidentSouthern Metal
Mr. Scott L. TaubenPast PresidentMetalsco

Mid-Atlantic Chapter

The entire states of Delaware and Maryland, the District of Columbia, and the eastern half of Pennsylvania (the western border extends from the northern border at Bradford down through Altoona to the southern border near Bedford.).

Mr. Michael KrentzmanChapter PresidentJoe Krentzman & Son
Mr. Barry L. Stein1st Vice PresidentAnsam Metals
Ms. Samantha Greller FordyceTreasurerMorris Iron & Steel Co
Mr. Benjamin CaffeeSecretaryMontgomery Scrap

New England Chapter

The entire states of Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and the Maritime Provinces of Canada.

Mr. Colin KellyChapter PresidentSchnitzer
Mr. Gregory Mitko1st Vice PresidentSims Metal Management
Mr. Michael TataliasTreasurerMattatuck Industrial Scrap Metal
Mr. Brian W. Powell, Jr.SecretaryWilliam F Sullivan & Co
Mr. Philip W. KasdenPast PresidentWTE Recycling

New Jersey Chapter

The entire state of New Jersey.

Mr. Pete DeCenzo, Jr.Chapter PresidentBrick Recycling Company
Mr. Thom Kirwan1st Vice PresidentA&A Truck Parts Inc dba A&A Iron &
Mr. Kenneth O. ZuckermanTreasurerAbbey Metal
Mr. Brian BarkhornSecretaryStamford Iron and Metal-Div of Sims|
Mr. Craig CinelliPast PresidentCinelli Iron and Metal Co
Mr. Robert TerefenkoPast PresidentHomestead Iron & Metal
Ms. Laura HennenLegislative ChairSims Metal Management-Claremont 
Ms. Rosalie HuntPrograms/Meetings ChairGiordano's Vineland Scrap Material
Mr. Michael A. MillerMembership ChairGeorge's Salvage Co

New York Chapter

New York City, Long Island, Putnam County, Rockland County, and Westchester County.

Mr. Kevin G. GershowitzChapter PresidentGershow

Northern Ohio Chapter

Chapter Website:

Northern Ohio bordered by the state line on the west, north, and east. The southern border is marked 30 miles north of I-70 across the state.

Mr. Joe WardChapter PresidentEMR (USA Holdings)
Mr. Brandon Fischer1st Vice PresidentFriction
Mr. Eric KohartTreasurerKohart
Mr. Brian ZbanekSecretaryWilkoff & Sons
Mr. Nick BadgettChapter Board MemberMetal Conversions
Mr. Brian CarlonePast PresidentPSC Metals
Mr. Andrew GoldingChapter Board MemberKripke Enterprises
Mr. Walter HammondChapter Board MemberEast Side Metals
Mr. William IvancicPast PresidentBluestar Metal Recycling
Mr. Jim LevineChapter Board MemberRegency Technologies
Mr. Stuart SimmsChapter Board
Mr. Ray SixChapter Board MemberSix
Mr. Timothy WilsonChapter Board MemberAmerican Iron & Metal Cleveland
Ms. Mary HlepasMembership ChairImperial

Northwest Chapter

The entire states of Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The entire state of Iowa with the exception of the northeast corner east of Iowa State Rt. 61 starting in the south at Davenport and continuing north to Dubuque. The eastern portion of the province of Saskatchewan with a western border of Provincial Highway 35 and the entire province of Manitoba.

Mr. Anthony R. WhiteChapter PresidentNorthern Metal
Mr. Grant VanWyngeeren1st Vice PresidentCrow Wing
Mr. David BrentzDirector At LargeIndustrial
Mr. Neil ByceDirector At LargeHolmes Recycling Svcs
Mr. Mike RingDirector At LargeAlter Metal
Mr. Christopher PhelpsTreasurerAlter Metal
Mr. Joshua TerpstraSecretaryIntegrated Recycling
Ms. Eva ShinePast PresidentShine Bros

Ohio Valley Chapter

The state of Ohio 30 miles north of I-70, the entire state of Kentucky, and the western section of West Virginia from St. Mary's south on State Rt. 16 to I-79, then south on State Rt. 19 to I-77 south to the West Virginia-Virginia state line.

Mr. David EisenacherChapter PresidentGreen Metals
Mr. Adam Dumes1st Vice PresidentCohen Brothers
Ms. Nikki SpiesTreasurerProgress Rail Services
Mr. Allen HowardSecretaryMetal Center
Mr. Gregory L. DixonChapter Board MemberSmart Recycling Management
Mr. Robert E. EvistonChapter Board MemberRiver Metals Recycling
Mr. Joel M. FogelChapter Board MemberCohen Brothers
Mr. Jeremy J. FosterPast PresidentMansbach Metal
Mr. Jerry JoinerChapter Board MemberStuff
Mr. Joshua JosephChapter Board MemberMuskingum Iron & Metal
Mr. Mark KolbChapter Board MemberQuantum Metals
Mr. James K. WisemanChapter Board MemberSmart Recycling Management

Pacific Northwest Chapter

The states of Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, and British Columbia.
Information about upcoming chapter meetings/events: ISRI Western Regional Conference

Mr. Ryan GlantChapter PresidentPacific Iron & Metal
Mr. Ken Kushin1st Vice PresidentSchnitzer
Mr. Peter Van HoutenTreasurerExport Global Metals dba EG Metals
Mr. Sean DaoudSecretaryRivergate Scrap
Mr. Hank DoanePast PresidentRS Davis Recycling
Mr. Hank DoaneChapter Board MemberRS Davis Recycling
Mr. Charlie UrbickChapter Board MemberSkagit River Steel & Recycling
Mr. Craig W. WareChapter Board MemberFarallon Consulting
Ms. Lois YoungChapter Board MemberCalbag Metals
Mr. William H. CookLegislative ChairSkagit River Steel & Recycling

Paper Stock Industries Chapter

Chapter Website:

Membership in the Paper Stock Industries Chapter is nationwide. All companies are involved primarily with scrap paper recycling.

Mr. Sandy RosenChapter PresidentGreat Lakes
Mr. Myles Cohen1st Vice PresidentPratt
Mr. Leonard ZeidSecretary TreasurerMidland Davis

Pittsburgh Chapter

Western Pennsylvania with the eastern border from Bradford in the north, through and including Altoona through Bedford to the state line. Northwest West Virginia with the state line as the western border to St. Mary's down State Rt. 16 to I-79 to State Rts. 15 and 250 as the southern border, and routes 220, 33, 32, and the state line as the eastern border.

Mr. Jarod HamiltonChapter PresidentPSC Metals Inc US
Mr. James W. Lawrence1st Vice PresidentCastriota Metals & Recycling Inc & Pittsburgh Roll-Off Service
Mr. Jason LinkesTreasurerAMG Resources
Mr. John GardnerChapter Board MemberNovelis
Mr. Alasdair GledhillChapter Board MemberELG Metals
Mr. John D. JoycePast PresidentCronimet
Mr. Randy A. CastriotaLegislative ChairCastriota Metals &
Mr. Jason LinkesMembership ChairAMG Resources

Rocky Mountain Chapter

The entire states of Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, the western section of Saskatchewan with the State Rt. 35 as the eastern border, and the Canadian Province of Alberta.
Information about upcoming chapter meetings/events: ISRI Western Regional Conference

Ms. Donagene LaFromboiseChapter PresidentAmerican Chemet
Mr. Dan Garvin1st Vice PresidentColorado Iron & Metal
Mr. Chad OlginSecretary TreasurerLiberty Iron & Metal Holdings LLC & Its
Mr. Brian HeneseyPast PresidentRocky Mountain Recycling
Brian KaminskiLegislative ChairTube City IMS
Mr. Brian HeneseyMembership ChairRocky Mountain Recycling

Scrap Tire Processors Chapter

Membership in the Scrap Tire Processors Chapter is nationwide. Member companies are scrap tire processors, crumb rubber producers, engineers, brokers, as well as suppliers of equipment and services to the rubber recycling industry.

Mr. Max E. DaughtreyChapter PresidentFour D
Mr. JD Wang1st Vice PresidentReRUBBER
Mr. Jerry D. WoosleyTreasurerState Rubber & Environmental Solutions
Mr. Corey ChamplinSecretaryChamplin Tire Recycling Inc 

Southeast Chapter

The entire states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

Mr. Chip KoplinChapter PresidentPull-A-Part LLC CM&H
Mr. Thomas L. Rice1st Vice PresidentCFC Recycling
Mr. Scot BondurantDirector At LargeAluminum Resources
Mr. Tim BroseDirector At LargePSC Metals
Mr. Sam CaliDirector At LargeSouthern Recycling
Mr. Mark FredricksonDirector At LargeCMC
Ms. Lisa MatthewsDirector At LargeOneSteel
Mr. Daniel NemethDirector At LargeNewell Recycling
Mr. Steven NoackDirector At LargeNovelis
Mr. John David PhillipsDirector At LargeProgress Rail Services
Mr. Blake StanleyDirector At LargeCRC Scrap Metal
Mr. Marvin FinkelsteinTreasurerKripke Enterprises
Mr. Barry WolffSecretaryCharleston Steel & Metal
Ms. Rose MockPast PresidentAllied Scrap Processors

West Coast Chapter

States of California, Nevada, Hawaii and Baja Mexico.
Information about upcoming chapter meetings/events: ISRI Western Regional Conference

Mr. Edward B. Kangeter, IVChapter PresidentCASS
Mr. Steven TuchChairmanIdeal Metal & Salvage
Mr. Robert Cohn1st Vice PresidentJack Engle &
Mr. Christian Nordhausen2nd Vice PresidentSchnitzer Steel Products
Ms. Sandra BrooksTreasurerSA Recycling
Mr. Martin M. BerkowitzSecretaryStandard
Mr. Tyler S. AdamsChapter Board MemberSA Recycling
Mr. Ken GraunstadtChapter Board MemberDelta Scrap &
Mr. Jeff JohnsonChapter Board MemberBasic Fibres
Ms. Deborah OdleChapter Board MemberIMS Recycling Services
Ms. Jackie L. RayChapter Board MemberSchnitzer Steel Products
Mr. Ron ReichChapter Board MemberAtlas Pacific Corp 
Mr. Philip SaccoChapter Board MemberSierra Recycling & Demolition
Mr. Tim SpiroChapter Board MemberAlpert & Alpert Iron & Metal
Mr. Steven TuchPast PresidentIdeal Metal & Salvage

Wisconsin Chapter

The entire state of Wisconsin.

Mr. Paul BreckheimerChapter PresidentSadoff Iron & Metal Co-Div Of Sadoff & Rudoy Industries
Mr. Darren Engbring1st Vice PresidentMiller Compressing
Mr. Geoff BeckSecretaryBeck Aluminum
Mr. David ArnsteinChapter Board MemberUnited Milwaukee Scrap
Mr. David BorsukChapter Board MemberSadoff Iron & Metal Co-Div Of Sadoff & Rudoy Industries
Mr. Steven LewinskyChapter Board MemberUnited Milwaukee Scrap
Mr. Bruce LoebChapter Board MemberLoeb-Lorman Metals
Mr. John MorganPast PresidentLoeb-Lorman Metals
Mr. Hunter ScottChapter Board MemberDynamic
Mr. Dan SoleyChapter Board MemberMiller-Bradford & Risberg
Mr. David BorsukLegislative ChairSadoff Iron & Metal Co-Div Of Sadoff & Rudoy Industries
Mr. Darren EngbringLegislative ChairMiller Compressing
Mr. Daniel ArnsteinMembership ChairUnited Milwaukee Scrap



Brannan Meyers
Chapter Relations Manager